Homeschool Happenings

Homeschool Happenings

I figure I owe y'all a photo dump of what we've been doing in homeschool lately. Elayne is greatly enjoying math (Saxon), science, and writing (D'Nealian), and improving every day in her reading skills. Our schedule is chugging along nicely, though that will change when we drive out of Wake Forest on October 15, Colorado-bound!

Ellie is particularly good at remembering organs. shrug She can name the brain, lungs, heart, liver, kidneys, intestines, and bladder.

Practicing handwriting. Re-learning, in detail, how to draw the letters has made me pay more attention to how my handwriting looks!


Saxon math is big on the use of manipulatives. Ellie finds the whole shebang game-like, so she will play with the manipulatives on her own time. It's amusing and encouraging!

Her recreation of "Elsa's Ice Castle."

An attempt at an art project. The paint bubbles were meant to print onto the paper in a pretty design when you rolled the paper over the top of the bowl. Instead, we ended up experimenting with blowing the paint around on the paper directly. Unsucessful, but still fun.

"School pictures!" My beautiful Katherine Danae.

My peppy Elayne Kaylee.