July 6, 2017



One of the apparently-small but huge for me things I'm looking forward to in our new home—into which we'll move sometime in early 2018—is lower humidity. Yes, you heard me: lower humidity.

This is a thing that has wearied me for 12 years now: from the moment I stepped outside the car into the sweltering, sweat-inducing, hot and humid air of an Oklahoma summer in August 2005 to start my undergraduate work, to this very evening where I sat outside for as long as I could bear, trying to enjoy the relatively cooler weather while working on a rather more technical blog post: I have been distinctly grumpy about humidity. And for cause! Even well after the sun went down this evening, I was getting sweaty doing nothing other than sitting in a chair reading a book and typing these blog posts! Absurd! Ridiculous! Not to be treated as anything other than a sign of the brokenness of creation, longing for restoration!

I have learned to deal with it, of course. I took a 20-mile run in 95º, 50% relative humidity heat last July, and if that sounds nutty to you, well, I got a nice case of walking pneumonia out of it, so I'm inclined to agree. But the point is: I can endure it just fine. I just don't like it. Never have. Never will.

And, Lord willing, next year I won't have to. Whereas (yes, whereas: I'm Chris Krycho and this is how I write) it's currently a miserable 77% relative humidity here in Wake Forest, North Carolina; Monument, Colorado, is currently enjoying a whopping (and relatively high for the area!) 31% relative humidity. One day earlier this week, I saw that just before it rained there, it made it all the way up to 49% relative humidity; here, on the driest day of the week, we made it all the way down to 51% relative humidity on the same day.

I'm really, really looking forward to sitting out on my deck this time next year, writing a blog post, and not sweating while I do it.