A Science Experiment!

A Science Experiment!

Some people like to name their home schools. I would like to name mine, "My-Kind-Of Homeschool." Because so far, teaching kindergarten, at least (I'm SURE it gets a lot harder and I do not diminish that in the least!), has been pretty easy.

It took a few days to adjust our schedule, but now that we have, we three girls are having fun!

Ellie and Kate did their first "official" science experiment for school this week. It was the easiest thing ever, but they were absolutely entranced by it. Plus, they learned some science-y words like chemistry, dissolve, and density. In case you want to try it, here's what we did!

We are using "More Mudpies to Magnets" for Ellie's classical kindergarten curriculum. Clearly, my thumb-sucking 3-year-old is also ready to learn some science.

First, I explained density in layman's terms to the girls, and had them guess which was denser: oil or water. Ellie guessed oil. We mixed some oil with water in a clear glass, and watched it separate out.

Then, I let Ellie (my bad - Elayne. She wants to be called Elayne now) pick some food coloring, and guess whether the color droplet would float on top of the oil or pass through it. She rightly guessed the little drop would travel through the oil and mix with the water beneath. Good job, Elayne!

Let's let Kate put in a few drops of yellow.

See? Science is fun AND pretty, too! Kids, by all means, try this at home, just PLEASE don't drink the resulting concoction. :p