The Adjustment

The Adjustment

Hello! By the time you read this, we will have been in our new (temporary) home in Colorado Springs for about five days. Five days to process a new normal. Five days to reconcile our bodies to the two-hour time change. Five days to mourn the loss of an ending and rejoice in a beginning.

To be honest, these first five days have been difficult for me (Jaimie). I thrive on routine, and the loss of my normal routine means that I have been grasping at straws to make things feel like nothing has changed. There are some things that will stay the same - I'll still have my old friends, albeit too far away to interact with tete-a-tete. I'll still have Brooke's Pilates workouts. I'll still have my husband and children. Most importantly, I'll still have the consistent, steadfast love and faithfulness of my Lord and God.

At the same time, nothing will go back to the way it was before. And that's a good thing. It's a new time of life, and for things to always stay the same would mean not growing and changing accordingly. I don't need to always be in my comfort zone (though, like anyone, I like a good comfort zone). I'm going to have to make new friends, memorize new maps, learn new driving skills. I'm going to have to visit a new library, a new grocery store, a new church. All of these things are good, even if I don't always see them that way.

In the meantime, you can pray for us. The girls are adjusting really well, so I thank you for your prayers in that direction already! They are so pleased by the extra attention they're getting from grandparents (as you can imagine). The weather has been a bit cold, but beautiful, so we've enjoyed some helpful time outdoors, as well. I've driven a few new places already (if you know me well, you know driving new places is a particular point of nervousness for me), and I'm cooking dinner for the whole family (6 to cook for, now!) tonight for the first time. Baby steps. Breathe in, breathe out. It'll all be okay.

In the meantime, I appreciate all the calls, texts, letters, and prayers that you've already been so faithful to give us. They help, a lot! They remind me that I wasn't alone in North Carolina, and I'm not alone in Colorado, either. They bring to mind that everything we need for life and godliness goes with us.

As we adjust, know that you all are missed, but goodbyes are only "until next times." Love you all.