This is a new kind of Saturday for me, and one I've been looking forward to for a very long time: one in our new home, with little that needs doing (and all of that of the fairly ordinary chore sort).


Moving in was a busy few days, of course: we signed papers for our mortgage[1] last Wednesday (10 days ago), moved all our boxes and beds and things on Thurdsay, and unpacked all day Friday and Saturday. Sunday ended up being a really wonderfully restful day for our family: it snowed, and snowed hard. Hard enough that we opted not to mess with the drive to church – a drive that is thankfully much shorter now, and probably fine that day given it mostly involves high-traffic roads, but we were all fatigued enough that we simply opted not to risk it.

Monday I was back at work... in my new office.


I got very spoiled with my office view in North Carolina – an upstairs bedroom that looked out on a forest filled with tall trees and the occasional bald eagle. But I think it's fair to say this is not a step down. Those mountains you can see in the background are mere miles from here – I can run to the base of them (and already have) – from our home here in the foothills.

And now I'm sitting here on a Saturday, updating our address in a few places and mostly just enjoying our home and staring out our kitchen widnow at the view as a write this. (I keep getting distracted!)

It's strange: though we have been in Colorado for three full months already – and they have been full indeed – there is a real sense in which we are just starting this new phase of life now. We did what we could, especially in starting to engage with our new church, while still living with my parents. But we were a full thirty minutes drive then from what is now our neighborhood and community; we could hardly get a YMCA membership or otherwise find our new rhythms and routines. And our schedule was necessarily (and not at all in a bad way) one of working around my parents' schedules (and they ours!). We could not really host people in our home, as has long been our practice.

Now we can. It's delightful.

I'm looking forward to – Lord willing! – many decades of Saturdays sitting at this little island in our kitchen, reading and writing; and breaking to help my little girls as they play and sign and dance around their play room and our living room. It's nice to be home.

  1. I joked with Jaimie often throughout this process that as of that Wednesday we would be owners mostly of a mortgage. ↩︎